Ruidoso, New Mexico



Texas born and New Mexico raised, Summer Sarinova’s love for the great
Southwest runs deep. She gains plenty of inspiration from her homeland’s strong
pulse of fascinating culture, landscape, and regional quirks.

Mosaics and glass are her specialty. Over the past 15 years, Summer has created a multitude of public and private mosaics, spanning from practical in nature to fine
art. With her fearless, learn-as-you-go approach, Summer has developed many of
her own techniques through trial and error, and produced many stunning
developments in return.

Sarinova Glass embodies both her mosaic capabilities as well her ongoing work
with borosilicate glass.

Summer’s glass exhibits itself as wearable art, glass feathers being her signature

Sarinova puts a lot of thought into her work, but concedes that while planning is
everything when it comes to the success of a mosaic, planning to be surprised is the better approach with molten glass. Making critical decisions with almost every
movement at the torch, the juxtaposition of thought and process can be very

As for ongoing motivation, Picasso‘s statement that “Art washes away from the soul
the dust of everyday life“ provides words to live by.

Her work is currently represented at galleries and boutiques across the country.


GLASS: Click each image for detailed info and larger image Availability of specific pieces not guaranteed.
"Complex Simplicity"
"Earth and Sky"
"Friend Of Kraken"
"Hard Candy"
"Melted Citrine"
"Oil Slick"
"Oceanic Flight"
Tangerine Dream"
"old School"