Glencoe, New Mexico



Roy Brown has been involved in the Arts for more than 30 years. With a Masters Degree in Fine Art from Southern Methodist University, he has pursued his passion for pottery and its elevation to an art form through a continuous process of past and present influences from his surrounding environment. Roy also works periodically on a local ranch which allows for clarity and insights into the forces that underlie his creations. An accomplished metalsmith as well as a potter, he expands his artwork to include metal that is hand forged to fit the designs of his pottery. From finials on lids, to bases for his larger platters, Roy searches for the forms that will enhance his work. He divides his time between his family ranch in Ballinger, his studio, Design Origins in Lincoln County, New Mexico and exhibiting at shows throughout the Southwest.


CERAMICS: Click each image for detailed info and larger image
"Golden Donkey"
"Palm Frond Round Vace"
“Splitting Hares”Snowflake Mosaic"
"Aspen Snow"