Alto, New Mexico


Beads are condensed capsules of information, each with its own beauty, history, and culture. Frequently found at ancient burial sites, they were the first durable form of human ornamentation. Since they are so easily portable, beads have always served as trade and barter, carrying with them tales of exotic, faraway places. Made from materials often perceived as magical, it is no wonder beads are still considered sacred, and are used around the planet for prayer and protection. Indeed, the word bead is derived from the Middle English bede, meaning "prayer", and from the word bidden, meaning "to pray".

Collecting handmade beads worldwide, Carolyn Arcure assembles them into Storybeads. These take many forms as unique jewelry, bookmarks, shrines and other blessings, all accompanied by tags and booklets telling their stories. Carolyn's creations bring together her degrees in English Literature and Comparative Religion to interpret universal symbols. The beads then become reminders of how we each embody a small part of the natural world's shining beauty.

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This is just a small sample of the wonderful collection of Storybeads, please come in to see the full collection.

"War Bonnett Necklace"
"War Bonnett Necklace 2"
"Navaho Rug Necklace"
"Navaho Rug Necklace 2"
"Pony Express Necklace"
"Desert Crescent Necklace"
Dragonfly Earrings
Deer Desk Set
Fish Desk Set
Mermaid Candle Snuffer
Bat and Owl Candle Snuffer
Horse Shrine
Juniper Box with Carved Bone Rabbit